Vibrational Sound Therapy is a gentle and relaxing total body experience.  Vibrational Sound Therapy will put you in a deep state of relaxation and your body will quickly rid itself of the daily stress that builds up in your body.   In short order the tension built up in your muscles will begin to loosen up and you will quickly reach a total state of complete relaxation.
I highly recommend the healing that a Vibrational Sound Therapy offers to combat the harmful effects of life’s daily stresses.
Jim C

It was a hectic week of preparations for summer vacation.  It would be a real challenge to get me calmed down but I needed just that.  With the tone from the first singing bowl and then the second tone, I felt myself settling into a more relaxed state.  With the next tone in the Vibrational Sound Therapy, I was so relaxed I was asleep.  When we were finished I realized that indeed my body and soul  were both renewed and refreshed.  I returned to the vacation preparations and for the first time ever, I was ready and relaxed as we left for vacation.  The experience left me feeling peaceful and unhurried.

I had a great experience! Not only was I relaxed but I left with a calm and peaceful feeling that lasted all day. Thanks Karen!
Maria (She had a 1 hour Vibrational Sound Therapy.)

Dear Karen:
I am so grateful to you for the Vibrational Sound Therapy treatment I received from you several weeks ago.
Your lovely home-studio offered immediate relaxation upon entering…especially after a particularly challenging
day at work.  I appreciate your professional skills in performing the VST.  I was able to fully relax, clear my busy
mind and find a place of calm and transcendence.  The singing bowls are marvelous, the variety of pitch and sensation
soothing.  Thank you, Karen, for allowing me time and space to be still and mindful.  I am grateful!
Pastor Susan

I loved my session with Karen. She used the Raindrop Technique along with vibration and crystals to amplify the session. It was so effective that I immediately started releasing built up toxins and gas after the session. I know that sounds a little gross but it sure felt good!
S Tharp

Upon entering Ms. Reed’s office, she put me at ease with a thorough explanation of the Raindrop Technique she was going to perform on me.  I had several questions and concerns which she promptly addressed.  Ms. Reed was professional in her approach to me and the procedure she was going to perform.   I had had a lot of stress placed on me lately and had begun to feel toxic in both mind and body.  The Raindrop Technique she performed helped greatly in relieving many of the toxins that had been building in my mind and body to prolonged stress.   I will be going back to her again very soon.
Linda S.